8 Advanced Secret PRO Tips To Become A Legend In PUBG

  • 1. Crouch , Peek and Fire

In the previous tips and tricks I had told the peek and fire trick however this one is a bit different, you will have to crouch peek and then fire. The advantage is that ,the enemy might be aiming for your head, he will fail to kill you as you will him before he can even tap the fire button.

  •   2. Grenade Throw Trick

What many people do is they throw the Grenade right after they pull the pin. My Suggestion is to hold the grenade until it reaches three to two seconds depending upon the distance between you and your enemy. This will help you to instantly knock or kill the enemy as they won't have time to escape.

  • 3. Bullet Proof Buggy

Always use buggy while you are alone. Buggy has a bullet proof headrest which will protect you from anyone shooting rom behind. However using a jeep or a car will only get you killed if someone shoots at you from behind.

  • 4. Keep Both Weapons with Same Ammo (Exception for m415 and KAR98 Users)

his Trick That Everyone Should practice is keep a Weapon with same ammo For Example A with a 7.62 or a 5.56 with a 5.56 that is use AKM or DP-28 with KAR98, SKS or SLR are Similarly use a M416, M16A4, SCAR-L, with Mini-14. Now Some People prefer using M416 and KAR98. SO all you have to do is Keep Around 200 to 250 ammo of 5.56 and around 20 to 30 Ammo for KAR98. This Little Trick will help you save loads of space in your backpack.

  • 5. Pick Up Attachments (Even If Auto Pick Up Doesn't)

Pick up attachments for future use after you land you find a lot of attachments well before. Finding the Gun the , The auto pickup feature won't pick up the attachments on it's own but you can. So these are some of the important attachments that you should pick up for future use in the Game are listed below;

  1. Red dot
  2. Extended Mag
  3. Extended Quick Draw Mag
  4. Quick Draw Mag
  5. Angular / Vertical Foregrip
  6. Suppressors
  7. Cheek Pad
  8. Compensator / Flash hider


  • 6. To Get More Kills

All you have to do is camp near airdrop supply crate and wait for people to approach. this will help you get more kills you must avoid taking the air drop at first as the risk of existing campers might cost you your life and also you can increase your kills and deaths ratio.


  • 7. Use Booster Efficiently

Boosters play a very important part in your health all you have to do is take painkillers for the first half of the game. In the second Half of the game when there are more enemies nearby opt. for Energy Drink as it helps you to save time, Energy Drink takes a few or seconds less to be consumed. Hence resource fulness comes in hand.

  • 8. Carry And Use Smoke Grenades

When your team mate is knocked out instantly, then throw a Smoke Grenades near him. So, that the enemies are unable to kill him. This will Give You Enough time to revive them. Smoke grenades can also be used to move forward in open fields as the enemies who are camping in the house won't be able to shoot at you.


******THAT'S IT FOR TODAY******

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He's a ECE student from warangal, He's interested in writing articles on Games, hacks, mod apks, tips and tricks. He also known as Hacker.


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